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The Dos and Don’ts of Buying Life Insurance

Buying life insurance is an incredibly important decision and one that should never be taken lightly. Unfortunately, many people overlook the importance of life insurance and prioritize things like buying a new car over providing their loved ones with protection from financial loss. 

But what makes life insurance so important? When someone passes away, the last thing their loved ones will need is financial strain while grieving over their loss. With life insurance, these loved ones will have a financial cushion and be protected from financial loss. 

Northeast Insurance Advisors LLC in Easton, PA provides this guide on some of the dos and don’ts of buying life insurance. These tips will help you purchase the best-value life insurance product for you and your loved ones and help you avoid some common pitfalls. 

Life Insurance: What You Need To Know


  • Calculate the amount of coverage you need. Many clients just throw out arbitrary numbers like $100,000 or $500,000 when figuring out their coverage amount. Although these numbers may sound “reasonable,” you should take advantage of need assessment calculators and the expertise of experienced insurance agents. Northeast Insurance Advisors LLC has agents that can ensure your coverage is adequate. 
  • Review the life insurance company in depth. After all, you’re making the decision of a lifetime. Research as much as you can about the carrier, and make sure the company has been in business for a long time and will be in business for many decades to come. Qualities to look out for include whether the company is A or B-rated and whether it has a strong financial history.


  • Just sign away. No matter how reputable your insurance company or agent is, don’t shy away from asking questions. Will my premiums increase or change over time? How will the death benefits be paid? What can I do to save money and still get the coverage I’m looking for? These are just a few of the questions you should ask your agent. Also, make sure all the information, such as your personal and the policy details, is correct. 
  • Delay buying life insurance. Even though you don’t want to rush through the process and just get it done and over with, you also don’t want to delay getting life insurance. By putting it off, you risk putting your loved ones in financial jeopardy while they’re grieving over your loss.

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Reasons Why You Need Auto Insurance

When buying a new car or truck, you are going to have to think about auto insurance. Though you may want to save your money and skip it, the truth is that you need to have insurance before you drive your new vehicle! Northeast Insurance Advisors LLC in Easton, PA provides this guide on how to navigate insurance for your vehicle. 

Here are some reasons why you need automobile insurance:

It is law

Most states require automobile insurance if you get behind the wheel. 

Your loan may require it

If you take a loan out in order to buy your vehicle, they are going to want to make sure that their investment is protected by making sure that it will get fixed if something happens to it. 

It will help you fix or replace your car if you are in an accident

Since most people take out a loan to get a new vehicle, they aren’t going to be able to fix or replace it if it gets damaged in an accident. Insurance allows you to pay monthly, to help you with expenses that may occur later. 

If you injure someone, your auto insurance will help cover medical expenses

These expenses can really add up, so it is important to have liability insurance to help you pay for them! 

Legally, you need to have insurance before you drive a new car. That being said, your loan may also require it. They want to protect their investment, so you may need more insurance to make sure that your vehicle gets fixed in an accident. 

If you want to make sure that you are fully protected, don’t hesitate to contact us today at Northeast Insurance Advisors LLC in Easton, PA. 

Protect Your Business in Easton, PA

As a business owner in Easton, PA, it’s vital to protect your company with commercial insurance. There are a variety of coverage options available, and a Northeast Insurance Advisors LLC experienced agent can help you select the policy that best meets the needs of your business.

Commercial Insurance Types

Some common types of commercial insurance policies include:

Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance covers the physical structure of your business, as well as any contents or inventory that are stored on the premises. If a covered event damages your property, such as a fire or severe weather, property insurance can help you cover the cost of repairs or replacement. Your representative at Northeast Insurance Advisors LLC will help you determine the amount of coverage you need to protect your business.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects your business from financial damages if someone sues you for negligence or wrongful actions. For example, if a customer is injured on your property, liability insurance can help cover the cost of any medical expenses that are incurred.

Business Interruption Insurance

If a covered event forces you to close your store or service temporarily, business interruption insurance can help you cover lost income and other associated costs. This type of policy can also help you pay for temporary relocation expenses if your business can’t operate from its usual location.

When choosing a commercial insurance policy, it’s essential to consider the specific risks that your business faces. An experienced agent can help you find the coverage that’s right for you. For more information, contact an agent at Northeast Insurance Advisors LLC. We’ll help you protect your Easton, PA business and keep it running smoothly.

Home Insurance Guide To Assist Homeowners

Northeast Insurance Advisors LLC provides coverage to the Easton, PA community. We work with several carriers in the region. This allows us to consult with our clients and help them obtain the right policy for their situation. We enjoy educating our clients and helping them assess their options. We look forward to helping you obtain coverage.

Home Insurance Guide To Assist Homeowners

Home insurance helps you protect your Easton, PA residence. The policy provides multiple benefits. Liability coverage is important, especially if you have a lot of guests over to your home. Liability coverage protects you if you cause property damage or if someone is injured while visiting your home. Liability coverage also protects you if your pet causes damage. Home insurance covers any damage to the structure of your home. This includes your roof, ceilings, floors, and walls. The policy may also cover any damage to your garage. This gives you peace of mind if an accidental fire starts and causes damage, or if severe weather moves into the area. If your home is destroyed by a natural disaster, you will be protected if you add alternative living coverage. Dealing with the aftermath of your home suffering severe damage may be tough. However, temporary living coverage assists you by your covering your temporary stay somewhere else until your home is repaired.

Home insurance also covers all of your possessions inside the home. If you are traveling, the policy covers your personal items away from home as well. If you plan to renovate your home in the future, it’s recommended that you add extra coverage. This will allow your policy to reflect the new value of your home.

Northeast Insurance Advisors LLC Will Help You Protect Your Assets

Contact us today to learn more information about home insurance.  

What auto insurance is required in Easton, PA?

Auto insurance is always a good idea. But it’s also the law.

Just like most other states, Pennsylvania has specific auto insurance requirements. While most of these are common, there are a few mandates that make the state different than others. Fortunately, Northeast Insurance Advisors LLC are experts at interpreting these ever-evolving regulations. Located in Easton, PA, their agents stay current so you can stay protected.

With this in mind, Northeast Insurance Advisors LLC shares three mandatory items that every auto insurance policy must include.

Bodily injury liability

In Pennsylvania, liability coverage is required for all drivers. Protection against bodily injury is the first component. If a serious collision injures another motorist, this plan will reimburse those expenses. By law, drivers must carry at least $15,000 for any single person. A total of $30,000 is mandated per accident for all people. 

Property damage liability

This is another form of liability. However, this applies to someone’s property instead. Although this includes mostly vehicular damage, it can also cover damage to buildings, mailboxes, and other structures. Pennsylvania motorists are required to have $5,000 per accident for property damage. Taken together, liability coverage is often referred to as "15/30/5."

Personal injury protection

Because of its distinction as a no-fault state, Pennsylvania makes all drivers carry first-party medical benefits of at least $5,000. Known as Personal Injury Protection (PIP), this could re-pay lost wages, medical bills, and other accrued expenses that resulted from an accident. But, unlike liability, this protects you personally, not another driver. 

Contact an agent serving Easton, PA

Northeast Insurance Advisors LLC keeps you legal. But their agents also keep you safe. Auto insurance protects you and your family. It also protects other drivers on the roadway too. To get proper coverage, schedule an appointment right away.

Benefits Of Adding Trailer Coverage To RV Insurance Policies

Northeast Insurance Advisors LLC covers the Easton, PA community and the surrounding areas. We offer our clients flexible policies so that they can navigate the unpredictable nature of life. We assess each of our client’s unique situations so that we can help them find a solution. We look forward to helping you protect your assets.

Benefits Of Adding Trailer Coverage To RV Insurance Policies

RV insurance covers you as you travel around Easton, PA and beyond. Operating an RV comes with multiple risks. The policy covers you if you plan to go on vacation or camping. The policy also covers you if your RV collides with an object and damages arise. You are also covered if one of your passengers is injured while you are traveling around. All of your personal items are covered if someone breaks into your RV and steals things. You are also covered if your RV is vandalized or suffers fire damage.

If you are pulling a trailer on your RV, you can amend your policy to add trailer coverage. You can adjust the coverage based on the type of trailer that you have: a fifth-wheel trailer, expandable end, or folding camper. If your trailer suffers damage, you will be covered while you search for a replacement. If your RV suffers extensive damage, you can add emergency assistance as a safety net. This ensures that you will receive urgent roadside assistance if your vehicle breaks down. You can add storage coverage if you plan to go camping for a few days. This protects your vehicle against possible damage while it’s parked.

Northeast Insurance Advisors LLC Will Help You Protect Your Assets.  

Why Should I Invest In Commercial Insurance in Easton, PA?

There are not many great feelings like seeing your dream business come to fruition. However, when running a business in Easton, PA, you need to contend with the inherent risks it comes with. You could be sued, someone could get injured on your premises, or disasters like fire, lightning, theft, and others could strike your business. Given the risky environment that businesses operate in, it would be unthinkable to run your business without commercial insurance from Northeast Insurance Advisors LLC.

Do you ever find yourself asking why you should invest in commercial insurance? Here are the reasons to make you smile the next time you are writing the insurance check.

To keep your business running

For most small businesses, a slight disruption can bring operations to a halt. Now assume fire or hail has destroyed your business assets? Without commercial insurance, it would be difficult to get back on your feet. However, if you have business insurance, you get compensation for losses or damages resulting from a covered loss.

To comply with the law

Pennsylvania State requires businesses to carry the below minimum commercial insurance coverages.

  • Commercial auto insurance: All cars, including trailers, trucks, and other vehicles that run business operations, should have commercial auto insurance to protect the car, driver, and other road users.
  • Workers’ comp insurance: Whether your employees are part-time or full-time, you are required to secure them against work-related injuries with workers’ comp insurance. Without this insurance, you may face suits from workers that have sustained work-related injuries. 

It’s cost-effective

Instead of looking at business insurance as another expense, view it as an investment for your business. Commercial insurance might look like a cost in the absence of tragic incidences, but you will thank the insurance gods when disaster strikes, and you have commercial insurance. This insurance saves you expenses such as employees’ medical costs, property damages, legal suits, and many others. 

Buy commercial insurance today!

Commercial insurance is a must-have investment for every business. If you would like to purchase one for your Easton, PA business, don’t hesitate to contact Northeast Insurance Advisors LLC. Partner with us to take care of your insurance needs as you concentrate on your business. 

Boat Insurance Add-ons to Consider

There is nothing that can quite compare to being out on the open water in your boat during the summertime. The cool breeze in your hair with the warm sun beating down on you. It is a great way to make memories with your loved ones. Those memories are ones that you will never forget. However, it is imperative that you have the proper boat insurance to ensure that you and your vessel are protected.

Now, boat insurance is not required in all states, but this doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be something you seriously consider. And when you purchase boat insurance in Easton, PA, you should also consider some add-ons to the basic boat insurance coverage. Northeast Insurance Advisors LLC shares a few boat insurance add-ons to consider.

Uninsured Boater Coverage

This type of coverage protects you financially when your boat is damaged by another boater who does not have boat insurance.

Boat Trailer Coverage

This type of coverage protects you financially when your boat trailer is damaged, vandalized, or stolen. It may assist in paying for any repairs, replacement, or subsequent costs.

Towing and Roadside Assistance Coverage

This type of coverage reimburses you for service requests and/or tows up to the limit set forth by your boat insurance policy.

Hurricane Haul-Out Coverage

This type of coverage may pay for a pre-determined portion of the cost to have your watercraft hauled and secured prior to a hurricane coming into the area.

Environmental Coverage

This type of coverage may help pay for the costs of cleanup as a result of environmental issues like an accidental fuel or oil spill.

If you would like to learn more about boat insurance in general or potential add-ons that you may be able to benefit from, contact an insurance company like Northeast Insurance Advisors LLC that serves the Easton, PA area.

Umbrella Insurance FAQs

For most people, probably the first thing that comes to mind when they hear umbrella insurance is weather-related coverage. But the truth is that it has nothing to do with the weather. So, what is it? Is it essential? These are the questions most people have because they are unsure whether they need it as they have other insurance coverages like car and home insurance.

To that end, Northeast Insurance Advisors LLC does have some answers to some frequently asked questions about umbrella insurance. With this, you make an informed decision in determining whether umbrella insurance is the right choice for you.

What is umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance comes in when your other insurance coverages become depleted. For example, umbrella insurance steps in when you are found liable in an auto accident, and the damage goes beyond your auto insurance limit.

What does an umbrella insurance policy cover?

Umbrella insurance policy covers you, your family, and your household members. You can rest assured that the umbrella policy got you more, especially if you have teens.

Umbrella insurance can help you when you are accused of the below by third parties:

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Slander or libel

Besides, umbrella insurance pays for legal charges, including attorney fees and settlement claims.

Who needs umbrella insurance?

Everyone earning a livelihood needs umbrella insurance. Unfortunately, we live in an era where you can get sued for nearly anything, which may leave your finances at stake.

However, there are categories of people who need it more than others.  These include people who:

  • Own pets
  • Host large parties
  • Employ household staff
  • Drive luxury cars
  • Own homes and rent out
  • Are public figures 
  • Own pools, trampoline, boat, hot tub, or jet ski
  • Chair a charitable organization
  • Participate in high-risk activities

Is umbrella coverage mandatory?

The answer is no. umbrella insurance adds to your liability coverages to provide peace of mind and boost your coverage.

Umbrella insurance in Easton, PA

The main aim of the umbrella is to protect your vital assets. If you live in Easton, PA, and its surrounding, contact Northeast Insurance Advisors LLC to get your umbrella insurance coverage. We will also be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Flood Insurance Guide

Flood insurance protects you in the event of rising waters that cause a natural disaster. However, depending on the damage in your home, a flood can cause more than $25,000 in damages, which are not typically covered by a basic homeowners insurance policy. Those in Easton, PA, who have concerns about flood insurance coverage should speak with their insurance agent or reach out to the experts at Northeast Insurance Advisors LLC. 

Do I Need Flood Insurance? 

Everyone, regardless of the risk level, should have flood insurance coverage. Homes located in a high-risk zone should have flood insurance coverage. In addition, houses not in a high-risk area should still have some form of flood insurance because a flood can occur at any time. Rising waters from storms or other events can cause flooding, which results in damage to your home’s structure and personal belongings. 

What Does Flood Insurance Cover? 

Flood insurance provides coverage for your dwelling and your personal belongings. It is possible to buy a flood insurance policy that only covers the structure of your home or one that only covers your personal property inside the house. Though most insurance policies have payout caps, items covered under your flood insurance typically include personal property, structural items, HVAC and electrical systems, carpet, furniture, cabinets, walls, and kitchen appliances. 

What Is Not Covered by Flood Insurance? 

When water damage is not caused by a flood, such as a sewer backup or burst pipe, your flood insurance will not cover the damage. However, in some cases, this type of damage is covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. 

Easton, PA residents, should speak with an agent at Northeast Insurance Advisors LLC today to learn more about flood insurance coverage and why they may need to purchase a policy. 


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